Despite the rising popularity of Cryolipolysis and therefore recent increase in clinics offering this procedure, patients can rest assured knowing the Hourglass Clinic offers more effective and faster results than other “fat-freezing” companies.

Leading Technology
Ultra Cool Sculpting machine at Hourglass Clinic safely freezes fat at a much colder temperature; up to -15 degrees Celsius. Which results in up to 40% fat reduction per treatment area. This machine is also FDA approved for peace of mind and added safety assurance.


Supercharged Results

We use a combination of technologies in our treatment packages that include Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, as well as Fat Cavitation treatments. By combining these treatments together, clients will see supercharged and faster results - as soon as 1 week! Compared to up to 12 weeks. Hourglass Clinic is the only clinic in Sydney to offer these treatments inclusive with their Cryolipolysis procedures, rather than a stand alone purchased package.

Beat Stubborn Fat Fast
Many cryolipolysis machines are equipped with only two applicators; meaning only two areas of body fat can be targeted at the one time. However, Hourglass Clinic offers a leading Ultra Cool Sculpting Cryolipolysis machine that can safely target up to four areas during any one 60 minute session. This allows the patient to save their much-needed time while targeting more body fat, meaning they will see results twice as fast in comparison to other clinics.


Real, Achievable Results
We track your progress with measurements, before and after photographs and measuring weight.

Money Back Guarantee
Only provider to offer a Visible Results Guarantee. We measure and take before and after photographs. If you do not see visible results after your first treatment we will retreat you for FREE. If you still do not see a visible reduction in cm’s lost, we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee.


Want your Sculpting Guarantee?