Ultra Cool Sculpt Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing machine

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Increase your clinics weekly revenue by $2,390 - $7170 by selling only 1-3 packages per week.

Weekly payment options available

As new, used for 2 months at a clinic. Please see photos for results.

These machines range from 50k -80k brand new. So you will be purchasing at a heavily reduced price of $34,999. One on one, full training provided. Great return on Investment!

Comes with 4 heads, 2 large & 2 medium as pictured.

Only ongoing costs are the gel pads that are used to protect the skin, which can be purchased from us as you go or in bulk.

Delivery available at an additional cost.


How does it Work?

Cryolipolysis fat freezing can permanently reduce fat by 20-40% of treated areas.

1. Fat cells are safely and painlessly frozen down to temperatures of up to -8 degrees for 1 hour during treatment, whereby fat cells then crystallize and die.

The body then flushes out the dead fat cells naturally through the lymphatic system. Permanent results can be seen after 6 weeks, final results seen after 12 weeks.

This particular fat freezing machine is currently being used at Star Cosmetic Medicine in Pyrmont - however it is 2 versions newer!


Before & After Results

The Process


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